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We provide premium service for first impressions

We're the service partner for premium reception services and more first-class in-house solutions.


Great that you want to become part of our team! We wish you every success with your work and we will do our best to support and strengthen you while you’re carrying out your mission.


Founded in 1988, RECEPTION PLUS is a pioneer in first-class outsourcing services. Our standards and quality are backed by over 180 employees across Germany.


We offer a carefully considered, proven all-in-one concept for a holistic management process, with the potential to add value in line with customized goals and strategies.

Premium Reception

When people walk through your door, we ensure that the first impression is a success.


Reception Outsourcing


When you outsource your reception services, choose from the following options according to your requirements:

A new beginning with a RECEPTION PLUS team that is customized to your business or the transfer of operations: taking over your team under §613(a) of the German Civil Code

As a contractual partner of RECEPTION PLUS, you have guaranteed access to our permanent, in-house standby team, even for your own personnel shortfalls. This means that your reception is always staffed professionally, no matter what happens.



Our modern working hours model and continuous quality management allow us to create significant cost advantages compared with in-house staffing. This increased quality is further improved with additional flexibility. Service expansions or reductions are possible at any time by agreement. With seamless organization by RECEPTION PLUS, you barely need to manage anything. Our flat-rate services make your budget planning a breeze.

  • Distinguished interactions
  • Multilingual abilities
  • Computer skills
  • Prestigious appearance
  • Pleasant telephone presence
  • Friendliness, commitment
  • Absolute discretion
  • Strong service-oriented approach
  • Identification with your company
  • Perfect workplace organization
  • Elegant team wear and accessories in your company’s colors (available on request)



  • Periods of peak activity
  • Short-term substitution needs
  • Transitions to outsourcing
  • Complex authorization structures
  • Unfilled positions
  • A desire for flexibility
  • Wanting to transition to a full takeover (temp to perm)

Concierge Service

You want your customers and visitors to be pampered in a five star plus style? Our concierge service knows how to do just that.

+ More

Our concierge service facilitates your daily processes and all additional tasks in a grand hotel style: From shirt cleaning to shoe service, from fruit baskets to restaurant recommendations or spontaneous car cleaning – you ask; we make it happen. While you benefit from the efficiency of our large network of suppliers working behind the scene you can enjoy the simplicity of our “one face to the customer-approach”.


Professionalism and the right tone on the phone – We have the solution




RECEPTION PLUS offers you the following options:

Step-by-step: We expand your existing team with colleagues from RECEPTION PLUS. Of course, when selecting staff, we take special care to ensure compatibility with the existing team. Our considerable success in this area underlines our abilities.

A new beginning with a RECEPTION PLUS team that is customized to your business or the transfer of operations: taking over your team under §613(a) of the German Civil Code

As a contractual partner of RECEPTION PLUS, you have guaranteed access to our permanent, in-house standby team, even for your own personnel shortfalls. This means that your reception is always staffed professionally, no matter what happens.



Most receptions are also switchboards. While this is useful, it can often prove to be a stumbling block in practice.

  • How are the acoustics?
  • How needs-oriented is your telephone system??
  • What standards do you have in place for confidentiality?
  • How professionally does your staff present itself?
  • What services do you expect?
  • Where do you want to improve?

If you want to speak to a professional on this topic, just give it a try with a call to RECEPTION PLUS. We will confidentially take care of your requests and quality requirements and will give you advice that is both professional and direct.


  • Professional friendliness
  • Pleasant, conversational style
  • Optimal availability
  • Multilingual abilities
  • Trained staff with de-escalation skills
  • Consultation on technical equipment
  • Consultation on hold queues and text messaging
  • Continuous staffing with permanent personnel
  • Seriousness, discretion and data protection
  • Uniform quality standards


“We gain a competitive advantage when we provide our clients and guests with excellent service.”


“We’re only good when we constantly get better.” Do you agree? If you do, RECEPTION PLUS training has been designed for teams like yours. With fully developed modules and methods from over 25 years of experience, we help your employees fine-tune their approach to their work, both practically and theoretically.

A desirable side benefit of our training courses is a powerful boost in motivation. Training events also build engagement, encourage independent action and foster your employees’ identification with their team and their work. It’s an investment that will allow you to meaningfully increase your company’s competitiveness and effectively reduce staff turnover.

  • Professional and pleasant – Reception training
  • Smile with your voice – Telephone training
  • The perfect appearance – Make-up & style
  • Setting the right tone – Complaint management
  • Thinking of everything – Perfect conference planning and supervision
  • The company’s calling card – The reception’s organization system
  • Interactive success – Workshops and training on the job
  • The VIP reception – Etiquette for top-level reception services
  • Nice to meet you – English for receptionists

Mystery Visits

Following in the footsteps of proven mystery shopper techniques, RECEPTION PLUS has developed its own model for “mystery guests”. As professionals in high-quality reception services, we deliver a detailed and informative analysis of your reception.

What does our approach look like? First, we come to an agreement with our client on the exact purpose of the mystery visits. The basic questionnaire for our test visitors is made up of over 100 evaluation criteria. We consider every detail that makes the difference between a reception and a premium reception. This includes the appearance of the reception area, the conduct of the reception staff, the seamless flow of information and the pleasant atmosphere.

On request, we can expand our evaluation criteria or limit our focus to certain areas. We expand our visits with mystery calls, which evaluate the reception’s telephone services. You will then receive an analysis of strengths and weaknesses with suggestions for improvements in quality.


Is your reception area a fitting representation of your company? Should you ask your decorater, the drywall builder, or your furniture supplier?


Foyer design consultation


Too many contact people, too many trades? Then just come to us.

  • Furnishing and amenities for reception and conference areas
  • Using your company’s colors ...
    ... in the space
    ... on your staff uniforms
  • Presentation technology
  • Software solutions – e.g. for your conference room administration
  • Selection of the telephone system (conventional telephones or Voice over IP)
  • Organization system
  • Service-oriented conduct


You can book the consultation services of your choice with RECEPTION PLUS by the hour or the day. You decide the project’s scope and budget.


The first telephone contact is often the strongest impression your company makes on new contacts. Even your internal employees can be clients of your telephone center.

  • Greeting text/programming of the hold queue
  • Recording and passing on information
  • Courtesy
  • Acoustic background
  • Workspace organization


Every change offers an enormous opportunity. The trick is getting everybody involved on board. With our consultation expertise, you can be sure that you’re taking the right steps in the right order. We collaborate with you to provide the professional guidance you need. Over 25 years of personnel and outsourcing experience speak for themselves.

  • Profiling
  • Team building
  • Mediation
  • Staff appraisal
  • Transfer of operations under §613(a) of the German Civil Code

We provide some of these services with experienced labor attorneys and mediators. Use our comprehensive consultation services to turn new changes into new chances.


Recruiting employees is an art, especially when it isn’t your company’s core business.



One requirement of the reception area and switchboard is that someone always needs to be there. The personnel must not only be properly qualified but must also meet high performance expectations. There is also a visual factor, which – at least, at the reception – cannot be overlooked.

For your vacancies in your reception, switchboard and assistance roles, you can count on an experienced specialist. The RECEPTION PLUS recruiting team regularly places ads in all the major online portals and maintains an unparalleled pool of candidates. Our toolbox also includes direct search and active sourcing, allowing us to guarantee that we will find the ideal placement for your company.

  • On request: Site visit, discussions with everyone involved
  • Preparation of profiles of the position and the candidate
  • Outline/design of advertisements/vacancy postings
  • Selection of the most promising job boards and recruiting channels
  • Qualitative appraisal of the in-depth assessment (ABC analysis)
  • Preparation and submission of short profiles of the A candidate(s)
  • Organization of personal interviews at a place of your choosing
  • Advice on contract design and organization of the role
  • Significantly reduced time commitment
  • Avoid posting expensive advertisements
  • Administrative expenses almost zero
  • Reduced cost
  • Transparent flat-rate fee
  • Placement guarantee


Temporary work is a form of employment that was introduced to Germany when the Temporary Employment Act came into force in 1972.


It allows companies to remain flexible and react quickly to different economic challenges. Temporary workers benefit, since they can obtain fast entry into the workforce, enhance their skills and improve their professional opportunities. They always work where their qualifications are really needed.

Our temporary workers are exclusively employed and paid by RECEPTION PLUS, even if they work for another business – the client company. The client company signs a customized Temporary Employment Contract with RECEPTION PLUS. This allows three parties to work together towards a successful outcome.

We have a particularly large network and an ample pool of candidates in the areas of assistance and reception. By using many different recruitment channels, we can respond quickly to our clients’ staffing needs.


Temp to Perm is the combination of temporary employment and subsequent direct placement. Temp to Perm offers the option for our clients and our candidates to get to know one another in real-life conditions. Both parties can use this time to determine whether their respective expectations are met.

This allows companies and employees to benefit from Temp to Perm. As an entrepreneur, you don’t incur any of the risks that go along with an immediate permanent position and remain flexible in your decision. Only once both parties are certain is an employment contract signed between the two sides. If it isn’t the right fit, for any reason whatsoever, we at RECEPTION PLUS will do everything we can to find a replacement for the position. In such a case we will offer our employee an alternative vacancy that is more suitable.


Great that you want to become part of our team! We wish you every success with your work and we will do our best to support and strengthen you while you’re carrying out your mission.


RECEPTION PLUS is a premium service provider in a small market niche – a niche that is often characterized by security and property management firms. This means that we have ambitious expectations for our employees’ competence and conduct.


Ein Premium-Empfangsmitarbeiter ist eine wertvolle Unterstützung für die Ziele und Wünsche des Gastes.

Wir haben Vieles zu beachten, aber der Mensch steht im Zentrum unserer Betrachtung.

Wenn es uns gelingt, bei unserer Arbeit die Wünsche des Kunden zu verstehen und zu berücksichtigen, definieren wir unsere Rolle neu und befördern uns selbst: Vom Empfangsmitarbeiter zum Gastgeber. Selbstachtung ist eine ebenso wesentliche Zutat zu dieser Haltung wie ein sehr höfliches Auftreten und eine gewisse Flexibilität bei der Auslegung von Vorschriften.

RECEPTION PLUS hat eine mehr als 25-jährige Firmengeschichte. Unser kontinuierliches und gesundes Wachstum ist Ihnen und den Kolleg(inn)en in ganz Deutschland zu verdanken. Unser Ziel für die Zukunft: DER Name für erstklassigen Empfang in Deutschland zu werden und weitere anspruchsvolle Kunden an uns zu binden.

Wenn Sie ein Anliegen haben, sind wir immer gerne für Sie da. Nehmen Sie uns beim Wort, sprechen Sie uns an!

Aktuelle stellenangebote


A premium reception worker provides valuable support for a guest’s needs and desires. When we succeed in understanding our clients’ requests and take them into account, we are highlighting our role and redefining ourselves: from reception workers to hosts. This conduct depends as much on self-confidence as it does on courteous manners and the right amount of flexibility when interpreting policies.


Since 2014, we have offered a Company Fitness Program to our employees across Germany. We have signed the fitness company Fitness First as a cooperation partner, ...


… since their gyms are easy to reach for our employees in every location – from Hamburg in the north to Munich in the south. RECEPTION PLUS subsidizes your Fitness First membership and Fitness First reduces the membership fee even further.

This allows you to receive many included benefits for a comparatively very low monthly fee: freestyle, cardio, strength and free weight training, as well as participation in classes and group fitness. Swimming and wellness areas are available in the Platinum Club. Several gyms even offer free DVD loan services.

You can receive further information upon request from RECEPTION PLUS, or at WWW.FITNESSFIRST.DE

Reception Plus Academy

Reception Plus Academy

We offer our employees free of charge the use of the RECEPTION PLUS Academy’s training courses and workshops. ...


We invite every new employee to basic training within their first weeks of employment. Participation is mandatory and the training period is paid. You can freely select other training courses and participate as you wish.

Please view the course offerings and dates on the “Training” area of our website.


Founded in 1988, RECEPTION PLUS is a pioneer in first-class outsourcing services. Our standards and quality are backed by over 180 employees across Germany.


RECEPTION PLUS solutions have grown with our long-standing experience to meet our clients’ challenges.

First-class service provision comes from the people who stand behind it. They understand what it’s all about and can function and act with expertise as team players. That is how we work and commit to our clients, since their success is always part of our success.

Where you can find us

From our main office in Frankfurt am Main, we coordinate, advise and manage our employees, as well as numerous projects in the Rhine-Main Metropolitan Region. Our regional branch managers and project supervisors oversee our teams in major cities across Germany.

Frankfurt Head Office
St Martin Tower
Franklinstr. 61- 63
60486 Frankfurt am Main
Tel.: +49 69 95 63 69-0

Berlin branch office
10117 Berlin

Hamburg branch office
20457 Hamburg

Tel: +49 40 87 97 99 56

Düsseldorf branch office
40474 Düsseldorf
Tel.: +49 69 95 63 69-0

München branch office
83024 Rosenheim
Tel.: +49 69 95 63 69-0


Our testimonials speak for themselves, our expertise and know-how in an array of industries. RECEPTION PLUS would be glad to provide you with qualified testimonials and contact persons upon request.


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